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"It's Classy. It's bougie. And a whole lot of ratchet!"

-The Ladies of JungleRose


JungleRose Podcast

JungleRose is a podcast curated to amplify the voices of black women. Black women are misunderstood, undervalued, and overlooked. We are often perceived as "ghetto", bossy, unintelligent, angry, promiscuous, less important, and uncultured, just to name a few.


JungleRose serves as a pipeline to challenge the false narrative and showcase the success of black women.  This therapeutic space empowers you to navigate and thrive through the black experience.


Each Wednesday, we share experiences and sow seeds about everything from: relationships, finances, culture, spirituality, lifestyle, wellness to personal growth. We help to bolster your self-confidence and self-worth in the spaces you occupy in or outside of life’s jungles to live your best life!

What is jungleRose?


Personal and Professional Relationships









Health & Welnesss



Mental, physical, and social wellbeing

Community Engagement

Community oriented dialogue

Community service

Community building



About US

One hell of an aunt and niece duo Who:

Started from the bottom in New Haven’s infamous Church Street South housing project aka “The Jungle”. The ladies found themselves Grindin’ to the top of their careers with No Guidance. They have the Juice and they are ready to Share Their World through storytelling, conversation, and opinion sharing. It’s a fact that you are going to love them for their Ambition!

Jae SuMone is Working to BALANCE the two WORLDS life has introduced to her...

With a heavy focus on her career, her personal life was forced to take a backseat for longer than the societal norms

Now she walks in the shadows of:

  • being a 17-year veteran in the world of education

  • the struggles attached to not knowing shit about running a successful candle line

  • figuring out her new role as a wife and a secondary matriarch

  • discovering life in a new town away from her entire support system

  • accepting the realities of being a mature woman

The juggling continues
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Marley is trying to flourish through the bullshit

After being forced to relocate back to her home state of Connecticut, as a result of  $200,000+ of student loan debt, Marlisha left a whole ass life behind in California. Now, she is trying to:

  • navigate a new life in her hometown

  • discover who she is as a novice medical provider

  • maintain her long-distance relationship and friendships

  • reach financial independence

  • serve as a surrogate parent to her nephew

  • bloom into the rose she is intended to be

All while trying to keep her ass fat and stomach flat!
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